Church Embrace All Fronts

Church Embrace All Fronts By Sam Weaver Church Embrace All Fronts Church embrace all fronts It’s time to fort up And cover all fronts Against the corrupt We all agree God’s will be done But first church we must learn How to function as one Our enemy brings Division you know And confusion so we

No More Censoring

No More Censoring By Sam Weaver No More Censoring No more censoring Away your crimes Democrats no more Censoring this time You by-pass the Constitution By creating Mass confusion You censor the truth By projecting a lie Hoping your false truth Can make the real truth die But America On this we can trust These

Church Can You Not See

By Sam Weaver Church Can You Not See (This Is Where We Are) Church can you not see This is where we are In our ongoing Spiritual war When they say take the Shot or lose your job They are saying our Freedom they can rob Listen America I say this from my heart This

Misguided Indignation

By Sam Weaver Psalms 139:13-16   Misguided Indignation   Misguided indignation These people speak out Because they cannot grasp What God’s truth is about Their thoughts will not allow Them to bring this truth home That from Conception’s Mankind’s not his own   Marriage was ordained To protect human life Through God’s covenant Between husband

On Purpose

By Sam Weaver On Purpose   America listen We have a champion That through His covenant Will save our nation   It’s on purpose Everything they do Democrat logic is Demonic through and through Many that voted for Them have regrets For they didn’t know about Their demonic mind sets   They have given in

When Twin Towers Fell

Written August 11, 2005 By Sam Weaver             When Twin Towers Fell     When twin towers fell It tore us apart And changed forever America’s heart   Our enemies used Our own liberty To deal our country Grief and misery   It was not their race Or color you

God’s Covenant Rainbow

God’s Covenant Rainbow By Sam Weaver God’s Covenant Rainbow Presumptuous That’s what this is To think God’s covenant Is anyone but His God’s covenant rainbow Has been waylaid Away from God’s intention As though it was man made God’s covenant with man His rainbow in the sky They would altar And change into a lie

A Reality Check

A Reality Check By Sam Weaver               A Reality Check   You are making up Your own truth and rights And have no connection With the Father of lights   God made A mistake And you’re making it right You’re the blind leading the blind Because you refuse God’s

They’ll Be No Loose Connections

They’ll Be No Loose Connections By Sam Weaver               They’ll Be No Loose Connections   Through an open door Jesus put in our heart Judy and I will Never have to be apart   They’ll be no loose connections Between Judy and me No guess work saying What will

It’s A New Day

It’s A New Day By Sam Weaver   It’s A New Day   It’s a new day We have heard it said Take heart America That term’s not dead   That day’s not coming It’s already here The day Jesus Doubles back on fear   By putting to An open shame Those guilty of Laying