A Bottom-line Scenario

A Bottom-line Scenario By Sam Weaver A Bottom-line Scenario A bottom-line scenario For those with an ear To make the truth to America clear Believe it or not That’s not up to me My job is to reveal It’s up to you to see When Donald Trump would Bring us back to God The democrats

Your Source of Favor

Your Source Of Favor By Sam Weaver Your Source Of Favor You’re source of favor Where does it come from Is it authorized through The name of God’s Son How can you know So it will be clear Jesus favor Will never disappear Favor from the dark side Always has one conclusion Magical manipulations That

This Abortion Fight

This Abortion Fight By Sam Weaver This Abortion Fight Lord please come and embrace Us in this abortion fight For the sake of the unborn Help them to see the light Jesus we won a long Standing battle it’s true But the only sustainer Of victory is You These people are looking For just one

Crazy For The Lord

Crazy For The Lord By Sam Weaver Crazy For The Lord Crazy for the Lord That’s what we are Crazy for the Lord In this crazy war Can’t see the enemy But we know he’s there How do we fight him but Through faith and prayer It sounds crazy Fighting what you can’t see But

America Hear

America Hear By Sam Weaver America Hear The truth of this will be Made abundantly clear For those with an ear Through Jesus to hear The democrats can’t miss it There’s no way they can The devastation They’re putting on this land They’re living a lie That mocks at prayer It’s not that they can’t

It’s So Easy Just Ask

It’s So Easy Just Ask By Sam Weaver It’s So Easy Just Ask America listen It’s so easy just ask And Jesus will remove This demonic mask Hypnotized robots That’s what they are Unknowing victims Of a spiritual war Hidden agendas Of a demonic force Is constantly driving The democrats off course They think they

Do Not Worship Foreign Gods

Do Not Worship Foreign Gods By Sam Weaver Do Not Worship Foreign Gods Do not worship foreign Gods To Jesus word be true And no matter what His promise will cover you America Here is the deal We’re being led by People who aren’t real We’re a nation gone blind Caught up in lying schemes

An Updated Prayer (For America)

An Updated Prayer By Sam Weaver An Updated Prayer (For America) America Here is the deal Demonic warfare Is ever so real An updated prayer America hear An updated prayer For those with an ear The spell of a lie Governs this country Embraced within The democrat party On ongoing lies They exist and thrive

Piano And Poetry

Piano And Poetry By Sam Weaver Piano And Poetry Piano and poetry These gifts combined Jesus break them through Let this be the time Lord Jesus help The blinders to lift So it will be revealed That we both have a gift Judy’s suppose To encourage me As I write My poetry But the piano

Our Spirit’s In Heaven

Our Spirit’s In Heaven By Sam Weaver Our Spirit’s In Heaven Our spirit’s in heaven Transformed loved ones can see And Jesus how this Vision blesses me Indeed, our spirit Is our outer form Waiting for our soul To be transformed When the soul receives Jesus Salvation comes about But the flesh must expire Before